Trusted Adaptive Portable – ID

I collaborated in the liveness research and development as member of ISIN (SUPSI).

TAP ID is an innovative identity platform allowing to easily and securely collect, verify and access user identities.
Our onboarding procedure follows state of the art design principles, drastically increasing on-boarding conversions while reducing abandonment rates. Responsive and seamless experience on desktop, mobile, and web.
Our customer centric, reusable KYC profile reduces overhead costs. Instead of charging our business customers with a pay per use model, we favor a subscription model which can be tailored to your organization’s needs.
The TAP ID platform allows outsourced, GDPR compliant sharing of validated customer data, significantly reducing effort and costs required to deal with ever changing regulations. We take care of making sure identities are kept up to date (i.e. expired passports) if the customer wants to keep accessing your services. The data of your users is secured in a Certification Authority,  CAs play a critical role in how the Internet operates and how transparent, trusted transactions can take place online. Your data is safe with us.

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